Wisenet WAVE 4.0

New Features

System Scalability Increase

It is now possible to merge 100 servers in a single system. (Previously 50)


WAVE Sync Cloud System Merge

Systems registered on WAVE Sync can now be merged.  Eliminates the need to port forward for remote merges.


Enhanced Security

It is now possible to enable HTTPS communication and video traffic encryption


Secure Export

Password protection option has been added for .nov and .exe formats


New Hanwha Camera Analytic Support

Now supporting

  • Queue Management
  • Shock Detection (X-Plus Series)
  • Thermal Temperature Change Detection (Thermal cameras)


Enhanced Lens Control

Now able to control zoom and focus on Hanwha cameras with motorized varifocal lenses.

UI / UX enhancements

More streamlined changes to the navigation tree, events pane and “Add devices” page.

New MetaData SDK

A software development kit (SDK) for rapid integration of intelligent 3rd party systems and devices. Includes a comprehensive feature set designed for AI and deep-learning driven computer vision applications focused on object recognition and automation. Using the Metadata SDK developers can create Plugins for the Server application that take advantage of key new features, including:

  • Metadata search by attributes, time interval or region of interest on camera
  • Object overlays on live video and playback
  • Camera-specific video analytics settings
  • Programmatic creation of custom Events in the Rules Engine