Troubleshooting and Contacting Support

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Troubleshooting and Contacting Support

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Some issues can be resolved without support. For example:

If a camera is not working properly, it can be diagnosed. See "Diagnosing Offline Devices".

If an archive is lost, it can be restored. See "Reindexing Archives".

To contact support use:

When posting an issue, it is necessary to describe the problem as detailed as possible. It is useful to provide additional information such as log files, network configuration, etc. If possible please provide administrator login credentials as well.

To expedite investigation, it's best to provide remote access. If remote access cannot be provided, it is helpful to complete the following steps to provide as much information as possible for a support ticket:

Recording an Issue

Collecting Logs

Collecting Additional Information

Sending Anonymous Usage and Crash Statistics.

If the issue is related to a specific Camera compatibility, Support team will likely provide a specific build that should solve this particular problem. Then it will be necessary to upgrade System to this build. See "Upgrading Wisenet WAVE" for more information.