System-Wide Configurations

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System-Wide Configurations

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Main Menu –> System Administration (shortcut Ctrl+Alt+A) is where you create the events Wisenet WAVE will track, and monitor current user, device and licenses status.

The dialog contains the following tabs:


Event Rules – invokes the dialog when events and corresponding actions can be configured.

Event Log – opens the list of events that occurred .

Device List – opens the list of devices in the System.

Audit Trail – opens the list of users' actions. Can be enabled and disabled.

Health Monitoring – opens a graphic display of CPU, RAM and disk drive usage.

Bookmarks – opens the Bookmark log.

System setting checkboxes for the following:

Automatic device discovery

Enable audit trail

Sending anonymous usage and crash statistics

Allow system to optimize device settings

Backup and Restore – creates a backup database of local settings

Licensesuse this tab to manage licenses and activation.

Email – use this tab to configure an outgoing email settings.

Updatestools to manage versions and updates.

Usersshows all users and roles defined on the System.

Routing Management shows System servers and their IP addresses.

Time Synchronizationlets you choose or synchronize server time.

WAVE Syncuse this tab to create or connect to a Cloud account