Showreel (Tour Cycle)

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Showreel (Tour Cycle)

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In addition to Tours, which cycle in Fullscreen mode through display of open Items in a layout, Wisenet WAVE lets you create a Showreel that cycles in Fullscreen mode through entire layouts.

To configure a Showreel

1.Open Main Menu and select New -> Showreel to open the Showreel layout.

showreel - 1

2.Drag any of the following resources into the Showreel cells:

Layout(s) from Resource Tree

Individual Resources (Cameras, Local Files, other Devices, Web Pages) from Resource Tree

Servers (monitoring item will be displayed) from Resource Tree

External video files or folders containing video files (right-click in an empty cell to open the Showreel context menu and choose Open -> File(s) or Open -> Folder)

3.Click-and-drag cells to set the display order by repositioning them in the layout. (Order is left to right, top to bottom.) Click the X in the upper right corner to remove a cell.

4.Use the scrolling Display for field to set the display time, in seconds (1 to 99), for each cell.

5.If you do not want the Showreel to cycle automatically, open the context menu and check Settings -> Switch with Hotkeys. Once the Showreel is started, it can only be cycled manually using the right arrow key (>) to go forward and the left arrow key (<) to go backwards. For automatic continuous cycling, check Settings -> Switch on timer.

To Display a Showreel

1.To start a Showreel, click the Start Showreel button in the upper-right corner of the showreel layout, or open the context menu and choose Start Showreel (shortcut Alt+T). To stop a Showreel, press Esc.

2.Once a Showreel is running, whether automatically or manually, you can use the right and left arrow keys to move through the cycle.

Showreels are displayed in the Resource Tree and can be opened, deleted, renamed or started from there using the context menu.