Setting up Screen Recording

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Setting up Screen Recording

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To set up Screen Recording

1.Open Main Menu and choose Local Settings.

2.Go to the Screen Recording tab to configure parameters:

Temporary Folder – the folder that stores temporary files. FIles are stored during recording, then are copied to a specified folder to be saved.

! IMPORTANT: This folder should be accessible and writable.

Screen if several monitors are installed, choose the desired one.

Resolution select screen resolution. The lower the resolution, the higher the performance.

Recording Qualityselect Performance for best performance. Select Best for best quality. Select Average to balance performance and quality.

Disable Aeroselect this option to enhance performance. If this option is selected, once Screen Recording is in progress, Windows Aero will be turned off.

Capture Cursorselect this checkbox to include the mouse cursor during recording.

4.Click OK when done or Cancel to discard changes.

To select an audio source

1.Go to the General tab in Main Menu.

2.Select First Source and Second Source. Audio will be mixed from both devices. The best practice is to select master from the sound card as primary and microphone as secondary. In this case, both sounds from Wisenet WAVE (i.e. video clips) and microphone will be recorded simultaneously.