Playback in Wisenet WAVE

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Playback in Wisenet WAVE

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Wisenet WAVE provides powerful and easy playback controls that let you quickly find, or Bookmark, a video segment, perform forensic analysis, capture screenshots, export video, and other related actions. This section provides a detailed description of the following operations:

Navigating through Archive and Live Display

Searching through Archive

Using Bookmarks

Playing Local Video Files in Wisenet WAVE

Using 2-Way Audio


Taking Screenshots

Adjusting Volume

Tours – cycles through all items in a given layout

Showreel (Tour Cycle) – cycles through all layouts open in the current session

Viewing Archive from Deleted Cameras

Wisenet WAVE provides viewing and playback of the following content:

Cameras – live and archived footage

I/O Modules – sound can be recorded from an I/O module with a microphone connected, and played live or from archive

Local files – saved video and image files (see "Playing Local Video Files in Wisenet WAVE")

(Some operations described in this section may require certain advanced permissions. See "Introducing User Roles" for details.)

Controlling Live Playback Quality

If you are experiencing image stuttering during live playback, or there is too much time between actual action and displayed action in Live view, it may be necessary to adjust the buffer size (see "Configuring Live Buffer Size") or streaming resolution (see "CPU and Bandwidth Saving during Playback").