Wisenet WAVE Licenses

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Wisenet WAVE Licenses

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Video from any camera in Wisenet WAVE can be viewed live without a license, and there are no device count restrictions. However, a license is required to record video from a device. One license provides one channel, which is the ability to record an IP video stream from an IP camera, an RTSP stream, or an HTTP link; therefore you need one recording channel per camera.

Several types of license are available, including professional, edge (for ARM servers), encoder, and the others discussed below.

A trial license is a "time license" which expires after a certain length of time.

I/O Modules require a specific type of license; see "Setting Up I/O Modules".

A specific type of license is also required for Video Walls. Each license allows you to control a Video Wall from a single computer (one session) or to extend the Video Wall to 2 displays. For instance, 4 licenses allow for control from 4 clients concurrently and Video Wall display on 8 monitors; see "Video Wall Management".

A specific license "Bridge" license may be required to view video streams from NVRs. See "Working with NVRs".

Licenses and hardware ID

Every Wisenet WAVE license, when activated, is locked to the hardware ID of the computing device upon which it is installed. The hardware ID is a unique 34-digit identifier generated when the server is installed on a Windows, Ubuntu Linux, or ARM device. The hardware ID is based on a combination of the following server software and hardware:




Network Card (NIC)

After installing Wisenet WAVE on a server, any modification in the software or hardware items above will result in a change to the hardware ID and invalidation of licenses attached to that device (see "Expired and Invalid License Keys").

To determine hardware ID

1.In the Wisenet WAVE Desktop client (mobile or web clients do not have the ability to located licensing information), open Main Menu –> System Administration (shortcut Ctrl+Alt+A).

2.Go to the License tab.

3.Select a license attached to the server for which you want to see the hardware ID.

4.Click the Details button.

5.The License Details dialog that opens will display the License Type, License Key, Hardware ID, and the number of active streams allowed on that device.

6.To copy the license information press the Copy to Clipboard button.

The following sections describe how to obtain, activate, and deactivate licenses:

Obtaining and Activating Licenses

Expired and Invalid License Keys