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Main Menu

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The Main Menu is where fundamental Wisenet WAVE client behavior is configured, such as server connections, display characteristics, and the permissions granted to categories of users.

Click on the Main Menu button main_menu in the upper left corner of the Navigation Panel to access the following:

Connect to (Another) Server (shortcut Ctrl+Shift+C) – see "Connecting to System from the Welcome Screen".

Disconnect from Server (shortcut Ctrl+Shift+D)


Tab – creates a new empty tab in the Tab Navigator (see "Tabs for Layout").

Window – opens a new window of Wisenet WAVE (see "Working with Multiple Wisenet WAVE Windows").

User – creates a new user (see "Users and User Roles").

Video Wall – creates new Video Wall (see "Video Wall Management").

Web Page – creates a new layout item for a web page (see "Using Wisenet WAVE as Web Browser").

Showreel creates a new tab containing a Showreel layout (see "Showreel (Tour Cycle)")


File(s) and Folder commands open and play back selected local video files or all video files in a folder, respectively (see "Playing Local Video Files in Wisenet WAVE")

Web Client – opens a web browser to an Wisenet WAVE Web Client login dialog (see "Connecting to Wisenet WAVE Web Client")

Start/Stop Screen Recording (shortcut Alt+R) toggles screen recording of an entire window (see "Screen Recording (Windows Only)")

System Administration (shortcut Ctrl+Alt+A) – opens a tabbed dialog for System-related settings (see "System-Wide Configurations")

User Management – opens a dialog for managing individual users and defining roles for user groups (see "User and Role Management")

Local Settings – opens a dialog for local client settings (see "Customizing Look and Feel of Wisenet WAVE")

Audit Trail – opens a log that displays all user sessions, actions, and device activity (see "Viewing User's Actions Log (Audit Trail)")

Bookmark Log (shortcut Ctrl+B)– opens a log where you can view, search and manage Bookmarks (see "Searching Bookmarks")

Merge Systems – allows for merging of multi-server Systems (see "Configuring Multi-Server Environment")

About (shortcut F1)– displays product version, hardware, and driver information (see "Collecting Additional Information")

Exit (shortcut Alt+F4)closes Wisenet WAVE client session