Opening and Closing Wisenet WAVE Desktop Client

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Opening and Closing Wisenet WAVE Desktop Client

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To open the latest version of Wisenet WAVE Desktop Client

Click on the Wisenet WAVE shortcut icon on your PC or mobile device interface to launch the Welcome Screen.

If for some reason you need to use an executable file, the applauncher.exe executable is recommended as it launches the newest installed version of the client. In addition, if another executable is used, it is possible that client restart will not work during auto-updates, and restart to compatibility mode and interface language changes may be disabled.

Note that if your client version has been auto-updated there will be other executable files in other folder locations than the following default initial installation locations.


From desktop: click on the Wisenet WAVE shortcut icon

From Start Menu: go to Start –> Programs –> Hanwha –> Wisenet WAVE

From the installation folder: click on the executable file. The default location is C:\Program Files\Hanwha\Wisenet WAVE\Client\<VERSION>\hanwha Launcher.exe

On Windows only it is also possible to automatically launch Wisenet WAVE when a computer starts up:

1.Go to Main Menu –> Local Settings -> General tab

2.Check Run Application when PC boots up

3.Click Apply to accept changes, OK to save changes and close the dialog, or Cancel to discard changes.


Click on Wisenet WAVE shortcut icon

From the installation folder: /opt/wave/client/<VERSION>/bin/applauncher


Use the Wisenet WAVE shortcut icon located in Applications or Launchpad

From the installation folder: /Applications/Wisenet

To close Wisenet WAVE Desktop Client

Click on the "X" button in the top right corner

Go to Main Menu –> Exit (shortcut Alt+F4)

! IMPORTANT: In order to display video and graphics properly, it is important to have the most current video drivers installed. If current video drivers are not installed, a warning will display prompting you to update your installation.

Launching in Configuration Mode

The Wisenet WAVE client detects PC system configuration automatically. If the CPU and/or graphics adapter are insufficient to render all graphics, the client will launch in configuration mode. This mode restricts functionality as follows to limit CPU load and graphics usage:

Only one video can be viewed at a time

Notifications are disabled in the client

Movement of interface elements is disabled