Connecting to a Specific Server

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Connecting to a Specific Server

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If the client is not connected to a server, a user can only access Local Files (see “Playing Local Video Files in Wisenet WAVE”).

To connect to a specific server

Use the Connect to Server dialog to connect to a specific server, login using a different user name, or enter new server coordinates or login credentials. If the operation is canceled, the current user will still be connected to server.

Open Main Menu and choose Connect to (Another) Server to open the connection dialog shown below.

Connecting to Enterprise Controller and Working Offline - 1

The easiest way to connect is to use one of the auto-discovered servers. The default *Last Used Connection* is recommended.

To use a different predefined connection, click on the *Last Used Connection* drop-down list. Saved sessions are listed first, then auto-discovered servers by System name - server IP address in alphabetic order. Note that a server may have several network interfaces. In that case, one will be chosen at random to display in the drop-down list. Also, Wisenet WAVE automatically detects product version and will list a server in red if it is using a different version than the client. In the case of a multi-server environment, if several servers with the same System name are discovered it is possible to connect to any one of them.

To enter connection details manually

The following values are required:

Host – IP Address or address of the computer server is installed on (localhost or for All-in-One installation).

Port – IP Port for access to server (7001 by default).

Login and Password to connect to server. If connecting for the first time, use "admin" as the login name. Use the same password that was set up during the initial installation.

Test – Press to check connectivity to a server. The following may cause connection errors:

Server is not available

Specified IP Address is incorrect or inaccessible

Specified port is incorrect

Server is stopped

Login and/or password are incorrect

Server and client are incompatible with each other because they are running different Wisenet WAVE versions. In this case compatibility mode will be suggested.

Server and client are incompatible with each other because of different customizations.

Auto-Login – Check this option to save login credentials. When the client is launched again, it will connect to the server automatically using the pre-established login and password combination.

To save and restore connection details

To save a set of connection details, press Save. In the Save connection as dialog that opens, enter or change the connection name and if desired check the Save password option. Click OK to add it to the drop-down list, or you can Cancel the operation.

To delete details of a stored connection, select it from the drop-down list, click Delete, then click Delete or Cancel in the confirmation dialog that follows.

If the last connection was not properly saved, the software will use connection data from the previous launch (* Last Used Connection *).

note Note: Passwords are not stored in saved connection details unless the Save password option is enabled.

To log out

Go to Main Menu and choose Disconnect from Server (shortcut Ctrl+Shift+D)