Configuring Server Settings

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Configuring Server Settings

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In addition to the settings that are entered during initial configuration, Administrators can also view and edit these other server parameters. See the following topics for basic information concerning Wisenet WAVE storage behavior:

Archive Retention

Archive Indexing

Archive Backup

To configure server parameters, select the desired server in the Resource Tree, open its context menu, and choose Server Settings.

In the General tab

Name – server can be renamed here or in the Resource Tree

IP Address – cannot be changed. (IP address display in the Resource Tree can be turned on or off using the Show additional info in tree flag

Port – this value is display only but can be changed from the web client

Pinginitiates a server status check. If server is not responding, this can help check availability of the computer on which the server is hosted

Failover – setup and turn failover on or off (see "Configuring Failover"). At least 2 servers are required.

Server Web Page – provides a convenient link to the server web page

In the Storage Management tab

Storage Locations - add and configure main, external and backup storage locations. See "Configuring Server and NAS Storage"

Backup Archive – see "Configuring Backup and Redundant Storage"

Reindex Archive or Reindex Backup – restores recorded footage if it is moved. See "Reindexing Archives".

In the Storage Analytics tab

To view detailed storage statistics, see "Analyzing and Predicting Storage Usage".