Layout Management

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Layout Management

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Layouts are a powerful and flexible way to view video data in Wisenet WAVE. A Layout can contain up to 24 items for x86 architecture or 64 items for x64 architecture – including camera streams, local video files, web pages, or images, which are not restricted in terms of location, size, or orientation.

Initially, a layout is created and configured by an Owner or Administrator. It can then be assigned to Viewers. Viewers can also create their own layouts based on the resources (devices, local files) available to them.

If running on a multi-machine System, changes to shared layouts are activated immediately on all machines. Refer to “Opening and Closing Saved Layouts” for more information.

The following layout controls are described in this section:

Tabs for Layout

Creating and Assigning New Layouts

Adding a Background to Layout

Saving Layouts

Opening and Closing Saved Layouts

Locking Layouts

Deleting Layouts

See also "Showing Cameras on Alarm Layout"