Device Management (Cameras, Encoders and I/O Modules)

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Device Management (Cameras, Encoders and I/O Modules)

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The following types of devices are supported in Wisenet WAVE:


Encoders and DVRs

I/O Modules


! IMPORTANT: Most device parameters can only be configured by a user with Administrator or higher permission level. See "Users and User Roles".

The following settings are required for a device to be able to record:

Recording schedule See "Setting up Recording Schedule".

Authentication (if the default password has been changed for the device). See "Configuring Device Authentication".

This section describes the following functions related to devices:

Viewing Full Device List

Adding Devices (Cameras, Encoders and I/O Modules)

Working with NVRs

Sharing Parameters on Multiple Devices

Moving a Device to a New Server

Deleting Devices