Collecting Logs

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Collecting Logs

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The following logs must be provided as part of a support ticket:

System Logs

Server Logs

Client Logs (Note that Client logs are disabled by default. To enable them, you will need to change a config file parameter, please contact .)

You can use Local Settings -> Advanced -> Browse Logs to open the directory where log files are saved.

To obtain System Logs

1.Open Event Log form (see "Viewing Events Log").

2.Choose <Any Event>, <Any Camera>, <Write To Log> filters.

3.Open the context menu and choose Select All (shortcut Ctrl+A).

4.Open the context menu and choose Export Selection to File.

5.Save the file and attach to the support ticket.

To obtain Server Logs

1.Right-click on the desired server , open the context menu and choose Server Logs... The log will open in a web browser.

2.Copy all text (Ctrl+A) and paste it into a new text file.

3.Repeat this for all servers (if necessary).

4.Save the file and attach to the support ticket.

To obtain Client Logs

Windows: C:\Users\<Local User>\AppData\Local\Hanwha\Hanwha Wisenet WAVE Client\log\

Linux:   /home/<Local User>/.local/share/Hanwha/Hanwha Wisenet WAVE Client/log

Mac OS X:   /Users/<Local User>/Library/Application Support/Hanwha/Hanwha Wisenet WAVE Client/log/