Video Management System

Endlessly customize the IP Video Management platform to create tailored networked video solutions for any type of project, for use by anyone, on any device.

Fully utilize the power of Wisenet X series

Fully leverage the onboard analytic features included in our Wisenet X series cameras including virtual line, sound classification, loitering and much more.

Simple. Reliable. Customizable.

Wisenet WAVE is an IP Video management platform that allows users to create IP video surveillance solutions tailored to any type of project, usable by anyone and on any device. It is simple to setup and use, yet a reliable VMS designed for you.

Tailored for you, inside and out.

Wisenet WAVE is carefully designed and crafted to meet your everyday needs

as an end user, system integrator and technology partner.

Easy Installation,
Easy to Use

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6 reasons to use WAVE

Explore the key features, head over to the Download page, and start WAVING.

1. Simplicity is our identity

Intuitive implementation is one of the most important elements to ensure our users navigate through the software with ease. Whether it’s software installation, server configuration, recording setup, layout creation, or sharing of your system with WAVE Sync, everything is designed with simplicity in mind.

2. Light as a feather

Wisenet WAVE uses the latest technology to make it light and efficient from the moment you install the software. The server and client bundle is only 130MB and the install completes within a few minutes. We don’t require heavy workstations to run the software. In fact, even an ARM-based processor can drive the server application!

3. We understand what Reliability means to you

You can’t afford to lose even a second of video from an important incident and that’s why you need a reliable security surveillance solution. Wisenet WAVE is loaded with features to help your system capture and record every moment with minimum downtime. Multi-server redundant fail-over is built into the software ready to be used and can be activated with only a few clicks. Did we mention that it doesn’t require any extra fail-over licenses?

4. Share your system with click of a button with WAVE Sync

WAVE Sync allows you to share your system without having to know any in-depth knowledge of the network. Once your Wisenet WAVE system is linked with WAVE Sync, you can easily remote access or share the system. As an integrator, you save time and cost managing your client’s system. As an end-user, access to your system just got a whole lot easier.

5. Whatever OS you’re comfortable with. We’ve got you covered.

Wisenet WAVE supports all major OS allowing you to work in the environment that is best for you. Our server application works on Microsoft Windows, Linux Ubuntu; client application works on Microsoft Windows, Linux Ubuntu, and Apple macOS; mobile applications for Apple iOS and Google Android. Our WAVE Sync allows you to manage multiple systems and view live and archived videos directly from all of the most popular internet browsers.

6. Open SDK/API. Let’s make things better together.

The security surveillance industry does not function as intended if all of the components in the system aren’t connected with each other. We understand and that’s why we have included a Wisenet WAVE’s SDK/API package directly into the server application. You’ll have direct access to all of our API’s and supporting documents, with helper tools to get you going as a developer. Got feedback for improvement? Let us know so we can work together!

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